#57: Australia Adventures! (Day Ten.)

    Our final day on Rottnest Island greeted us with a kind ray of sunshine through our window, and at the very least, our melancholy from the night before seemed to melt away with it. Considering we only had a couple of hours left with the bikes, we figured we'd use our time wisely... Continue Reading →


#56: A Couple of Q&A’s. (12th June 2018).

It's 10am, and I've been up all night because my hay-fever is playing me up completely. I've had a good think about this, and I truly believe that it can dive head-first into a bin. It's 2018, why isn't there some kind of vaccine or cure for this flipping thing?! I'm fed up of sounding... Continue Reading →

#50: Australia Adventures! (Day Five.)

  Why hello there, honeys! (Is it honeys, or honies? Ooh no, my spell checker isn't liking that last one. Pretend I said nothing.) So, we've arrived here. The¬†wine tour that I spent the best part of three weeks stressing about finally happened, only for it to become one of the highlights of my trip.... Continue Reading →

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